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Our massages are movement based and consist of a combination of trigger point therapy, range of motion, and full body stretch. Please tell your therapist if there is a particular area you need concentrated on. We suggest you drink plenty of water after receiving any of our massages in order to flush the body of toxins and further facilitate healing.





Swedish:  Relaxing massage combining kneading and friction techniques with gliding strokes to ease stress and tension, while promoting improved circulation.30 min…$60

60 min…$75

90 min…$100

Deep tissue:  Therapeutic massage that releases deeply held tensions in the muscle fibers

30 min… $70

60 min… $85

90 min… $120

Hot Stone: Smooth, heated stones melt away tensions and muscle tightness, as well as aid in deeper penetration of our aromatherapy oils into the skin.

60 min…$110

90 min…$145

Couples Massage:  Enjoy serenity together, side by side, in our oversized room.  This service is ideal for moms and daughters, girl’s day, or couples. Includes fruit  & cheese plate w/wine or champagne.

60 min…$170 

90 min..$240

Prenatal: Designed to meet the special needs of an expectant mother. This improves circulation, lessens swelling, and relieves lower back pain for those carrying “two”.  All Prenatal Massages require a note from your Doctor giving permission for massage.


Salt Scrubs:  Awaken the body with the exfoliating action of this sea salt scrub—sloughs away dead surface skin cells to reveal brighter, healthier-looking skin.   A light, aromatherapy massage oil is added  to replenish skin, followed by a soothing steam room experience to allow the oils to soak into the deepest layers of the skin.  Rinse off to reveal an unbelievable glow!  We strongly recommend this service before sunless tanning to extend the life and beauty of your tan! Includes 30 minute massage.


Steam Bath:

$20 added to any service if shower is available.  Please note that wraps and salt scrubs already include this body benefit.




Aqua Detox:

This electro-magnetic machine actually improves your physical health by releasing your body’s toxins through the pores in the feet by ceating a positive/negative ion exchange. Following a treatment the body will continue to detoxify for up to 48 hours.  See before and after pictures of one of our clients below.  $40.

Before Aqua Detox:

Before aqua detox

Before Aqua Detox


After Aqua Detox!


Brows $15
Lip $15
Chin $25
Full Face $45
Full Arm $30
Half Arm $20
Under Arms $30
Full Leg $70
Half Leg $35
Back $70
Abdominal $40
Bikini $40

Ear Candling: Natural, pain-free technique whereby a hollow candle is placed in the ear & lit, creating suction that helps alleviate sinus pressure, ringing, & swimmers ear.